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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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look at the forecast . >> anchor: it is moving south and will be here tomorrow at this time unleashing bit early cold air, sudbury, canada two below. thunder bay at two below. buffalo and boston lower 20's. out there this evening you are okay. the wind chills will be a none factor because wind fades away this evening with temperatures this evening in the teens and then tomorrow morning we're near 20 for an hour or so and then the cold air will take over by midday and certainly tomorrow afternoon and about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through noon on sunday that's when this wind chill warning will go into effect meaning at that time wind chills will start to approach between 10 to 20 below zero and drop even lower overnight tomorrow night as well as early on sunday morning with wind chills dangerously low. 20 to 30 below. those wind chill exposed flesh, nose, ears, hands you can get frostbite in ten minutes with wind chills that code.
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temperatures sunday morning. record cold, boston that will be a record the record is three below. boston around five below. attleboro at 8 below as well. worcester your record is 11 below and it will be close with temperatures approaching ten below by early sunday morning. >> anchor: as temperatures drop you can track the weather in your neighborhood on and on the 7 news mobile and tablet apps . >> anchor: going back out to this breaking news where we're taking a live look of crews actually going through and inspecting manholes all along the highways in massachusetts right now on 93. also inspecting those metal great covers they are doing this after a terrible accident today when a manhole cover came up and went into the windshield of a woman's car killing her on 93 this morning. happening right near the tip of the o'neill tunnel so crews will continue these inspections. it is obviously taking up one lane right there so be cautious if you are driving around in
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areas. they are doing everything they can to secure those and make sure it is safe for drivers moving forward. we'll keep an eye on this and continue to trek on the traffic conditions as afternoon unfolds. >> anchor: also on 7, the 70 70-year-old berklee man under arrest charged in the shooting death of another man of the victim found shot to death inside his home in wareham earlier this week. that suspect fating a judge today. kelly o'hara live this wareham with the very latest. good afternoon. we found out in court prosecutors believe the motive to this was jealousy after the suspect found out about an alleged affair. >> reporter: john witty in court accused of killing an acquaintance, shooting him in cold blood . the victim was discovered by further investigation by the office of the chief medical examiner to have sustained ten gunshot wounds to his head and up i back area. >> anchor: prosecutors say the motive for this murder, jealousy over a woman .
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investigators he knew the victim mr. williams, he went on to say that his girlfriend of 25 years had passed away in late january and he had recently discovered that she hand the victim had unbeknownst to him been involved romantically . >> anchor: investigators say this all happened monday night. they believe when the suspect learned of the relationship between the victim and his late girlfriend he snapped and committed this crime. when prosecutors say the suspect had all of the evidence still inside his house. in his home police recovered a shotgun, four rifles multiple rounds of ammunition and a number of empty becks beer bottles among other items. forensics revealed the presence of human blood on interior works of mr. witte's vehicle and on his hands. >> reporter: witte will not be eligible for bail. the victim's family asked for their privacy. . >> anchor: a deadly bus driver appearing in court today on
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police say 42-year-old scott fortier had been drinking before he got behind the wheel of a bus and crashed into a utility pole. 11 middle school students were on board at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. the accident happened yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon on hayden pond road. police rushed to the scene and after a quick check on the kids, another bus came to pick them up up. prosecutors say he told the officer how the accident happened, but he then failed a sobriety test. the defendant told the police that he had missed a stop for one of the students. he then attempted to back the bus up. at that that point there was a collision between the telephone pole and the back of the bus. >> anchor: a judge released him on a personal wreck oznessance and he is required to wear a gps monitor and in the allowed to drive or drink alcohol . >> anchor: new at 4:30 police in quincy are warning drivers after a skimming device is found at a gas station this. essay the device was hooked up
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now police are telling anyone whose recently been to that station to check their bank statements very carefully and report any unusual activity. they are also asking gas station owners to inspect their pumps for any signs of tampering. >> anchor: fire fighters facing frigid temperatures to battle a house fire in norton thursday night. the fire crew put out the flames despite the cold weather. three people inside the house were able to get out save. the norton fire chief said his team acted quickly. once they got the emergency call call. we responded opinion arrival the crews found fire already present, went right into defensive mode and both the mother and two sons were out and safe . >> reporter: officials don't know what caused the fire but say they are investigating. >> anchor: a new jersey warehouse going up in flames. the fire broke out yesterday and is still burning today. hundreds of fire fighters from around the area had been battling that fire. no injuries have been reported. the cause of that fire is still under investigation.
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problems in pennsylvania. water pouring into the street, turning to ice within minutes and forcing people out of their homes it. took crews three hours to get racking and break that ice. i looked out the front window and it looked as if there is a frozen before of water and it was literally frozen solid . >> anchor: from a red cross shelter scranton, pennsylvania nicole snapped these pictures from her apartment. the icy water flood the street in front her bull . everything was blank eed in water. it was actually like iceberg coming down the road. it was amazing. . >> anchor: eventually it all turned to ice. every as was damaged. the water company called in contractors to fix the damage we crews got to work on fixing the broken main. because we were shutting down because of the amounts of water in the area we couldn't reach all of the valves we wanted to. once the water receded we were able to isolate the break a little better and now we're down
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a valve burst and was missing its top. once it was replaced the water utility company shifted its efforts to helping those displac displaced from all of the damage there. more than a dozen people did not have a place to go. basically we're waiting to find out what will come next. not knowing what's coming next is my biggest concern because how long will we be here. will they find a place for us. are we going back home? >> anchor: now official at the water company as they still don't know with a caused that valve to burst. >> anchor: follows more news today, a police dog is being held a hero after helping find and save a woman. a connecticut stay trooper and his partner jumped in the case after state police send out alerts a 55-year-old woman was missing so. about five hours after she disappeared trooper act knee spotted some footprints in the snow and that's when axle got to work. he went into the woods about 80 yards and we saw she had fallen through thin ice and she was in a small body of water
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so we called in to start an ambulance on the way and myself and another trooper picked her up and carried her out . the woman was taken to a nearby hospital and according to police she suffered from hypo hypothermia. a trooper kristi fears if they hadn't found they are she might not have made it through the my. he said that's why he and axle work so hard . >> anchor: three new jersey teen-agers are being called heroes this afternoon. the teen saved more than 20 students on a school bus. this happened when their bus went out of control after the driver suffered a medical emergency. that's when the heroic students jumped into action. his eyes were fluttering so the bus driver kept on swerving and is it was like a continuous swerve . he kept taking his hands offer the wheels and putting them on his chef. he almost started going past the red light where i jumped up and put the it all the way into park. i told everyone to get out. get off the bus. >> anchor: the students all made it out of that bus safely. >> anchor: an ohio couple is doing well today a day after
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into the world in a very unusual place. the highway delivery was all caught on surveillance cameras as the scene unfolded right in the middle of morning traffic. around 7:30 thursday morning a phone call to 9 is 1. the bobby is being born right now . >> reporter: a frantic father about towel come his baby girl along an interstate in ohio. i have a police officer and medic on the way now . i will help you through it, okay . >> reporter: for the fire chief commune was key . the regional dispatch got the call, call taker stayed on the phone and gave arrival instructions, our dispatcher was relaying information to us . >> reporter: information that helped the father ms. do you have a clean clothe or towel? amid the sound of morning traffic another sound came into the world. first responders arrived three minutes later and kept the new family warm from the frigid temperatures.
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morning we want to make sure we got the baby wrapped up quickly and got to the warm medic unit . the baby named hannah asic asicen to a nearby hospital along with her parents and all are doing fine. officials say thursday's event was rare but couldn't have gone any better . it's a good way to start the shift. of all of the things that could have happened at 7:40 this morning that's one of the ones you want to see happen so can go on with your day on a positive note and they have done that . >> reporter: well, the mother says baby hannah was born within five minutes of pulling over. i could assume that would not be your ideal delivery but if it's quick and everybody is healthy in the end . >> anchor: what a story to tell. there you go . >> anchor: ahead police officers switch roles. how they became baby-sitters after arresting a drunk driver . >> anchor: scary moments for passengers aboard a jet blue plane at logan airport as a delivery van crashes into the airplane's wing . >> anchor: we are following breaking news. officials inspecting manholes
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killed by one early this morning morning. inspection causing major backups on the highway. we of course continue to monitor the situation and bring you the very latest as we get it.
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>> anchor: two officers forming a bond with three young kids including a two month old baby. those officers pulled over a man for drunk driving . >> anchor: so they were stunned to find three kids in the back seat. they were cold, they were hungry hungry. so a different type of training kicked in. some dad training. kim khazei has the story. scudling an infant making formula on the side of the road not skills you learn at the academy but for deputies you learn a thing or two from being a dad and uncle . i baby sat since i was a kid. i have never done it with a gun in my belt in the passenger seat of a patrol car with a rifle next to me . >> reporter: investigators say 24-year-old jeffrey was driving drunk monday night with three kids in the car.
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as a two-month-old baby who deputies say was in a car seat but not buckled in . we wanted to move him away from the kid's view. we didn't want to expose these kids it a negative law enforcement with their father . >> anchor: all of the kids needed to eat . what hurt me the most was when we asked them, you know, when is the last time they ate and they couldn't remember and they were hungry . >> anchor: three others arrived to help going to mcdonald's to get food. the deputy mixed formula by flashlight and deputy rodriguez held the child wrapped in a warm pink blanket he got from his church and fed the baby boy . a bunch of cops in uniform trying to make a bottle on the side of the road with a cold water bottle and trying to use our heaters in the car to warm up the water for him . >> reporter: they also changed dirty diapers . it was really hard to be professional when we have such strong opinions about the morality of the situation and we tried to keep it together for the welfare of the kids. really and tried to be happy with them and really try to give them a secure feeling . >> reporter: turns out there
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training can't teach you, but life can kim khazei, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news a super long count down. super bowl 50 just wrapped up. but some folks in houston are already pumped for the next one. one.. >> reporter: we are talking about the bit early cold air for the weekend. the forecast is up next. >> anchor: we're also following this breaking news throughout the afternoon of a woman is dead after she was hit by a manhole cover while driving along 93 south. as officials launch an investigation and inspect main hole covers on highways across the area right now we continue to take a look on that and we'll bring you traffic updates through throughout the afternoon as well. we'll be right back . >> anchor: take a deep breath and get ready to talk about your heart health . >> anchor: experts say protecting your heart is simple as a few every day tricks . >> anchor: getting more sleep is a good start.
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banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> anchor: football season may
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down until nexter's big game has just gun. hue continue's super bowl committee revealing the official count down clock to super bowl 5 51 this morning. the count down clock counts down days and displays messages about super bowl presence. you may remember the last time houston hosted the super bowl pats beat the panthers in super bowl 48 . >> anchor: the clock is the count down to the pats win . >> anchor: i like that positive thinking . >> anchor: absolutely. >> anchor: i would rebe in houston this weekend because i'm sure it's warmer than it is around here . >> anchor: here in new england we have bit early cold air. the coldest air of the winter heading our way for tomorrow and again on sunday. the city right now 23, some wind out there not as much wind as we saw last evening. last evening wind chills were below zero. this evening about ten to 15 with the actual air temperatures running in the upper teens too around 20. mostly cloudy skies and there will be a little bit of patchy light snow developing very late tonight and early tomorrow morning out ahead of the arctic
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plan on one to two inches of snow south coast, the south shore near the canal and out on to the cape but i think as you work farther up the south shore to the city of boston a few flurries that would be about it. with a cold blast of air coming in midday to mid afternoon tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow morning near 20 and then they will plummet down into the sickle numbers by late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. things to a northerly wind. it's that north wind and arctic air setting up dangerous wind chills. wind chill warning in effect from about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow until about noon on sunday. win chills between 20 and 30 below. exposed flesh can freeze in just ten to 15 minutes so that's dangerous cold tomorrow evening overnight tomorrow night. here is what the temperatures will be doing tomorrow evening and overnight and then by sunday morning below zero i think even in the city of boston five below early sunday morning. duxbury around four below, sandwiches zero. worcester hills anywhere between 10 and 15 below zero and when
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that's a statement. that's a sign of a serious cold air mass because the thermometer right out at logan airport surrounded by warm ocean wart. so when it goes below zero you are dealing with real cold. that happens three times last winter. that's just how cold last winter was and before that it's only happened twice since 2005. the other things about arctic air is that it is very dry. so you take that bit early cold arctic air mass and kind of seeps in the through the crevice crevices of the apartment or house when a door opens and closes of course the temperature bounces to 65 but the air mass remains very dry. so it's a dry air mass outside and it becomes wicked dry inside inside. perhaps you are already feeling that now so run those humid fires and have those hand moisturizers are ready to go. tough on the skin the next couple of days. as we work into next week jet stream immediately bounces right back into this configuration which will move the bit early cold air out of the northeast and set the stage for our next
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rain than snow. one last thing again talking about all of this cold air i want to leave you with good news here. sunset this evening 5:12. by march 11 we'll pick up an hour and 15 minutes of daylight over the next four weeks. so hold on to that this weekend. cold sunday, monday morning is cold and then by monday afternoon that will feel nice near 30. or nicer anyway then tuesday there is your rain store. tempts on tuesday you err 40's. see you in a bit . >> anchor: layers, layers, layers. time now for fast track traffic. >> anchor: getting a look there to the left hand side of the screen that traffic barely moving woof very bridge inspection and also inspecting the manhole covers going along the o neil tunnel and along route 93 northbound so that backup with those headlights are actually stretches right back into braintree close to 90 minute commute. also delays extending on the mass pike eastbound. this is traffic heading down toward the allison area. this stays very heavy and slow going as well all the way down toward route 93 so an impact on
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then getting a look at the maps here you see all that red on expressway again more than a knownity minute ride into town. 128 now moving all that badly though pretty green down there flew think newton and milton. a tight ride on 128 northbound clearing burlington and route 93 but no accidents or breakdowns up ahead thankfully. joe tape elton, 7 news . >> anchor: a perfect in a. we'll show you one man's romantic and life go behind the scenes of extreme powerboat racing
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presented by geico and coming to a boat show near you. meet the drivers, see the boat, play games and win prizes as you explore extreme offshore powerboat racing.
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>> anchor: a story of life saving love an what may be the imagine. a canadian woman needed a new . >> anchor: it was her fiance say who discovered the two were a perfect match in more ways than one . >> anchor: christian is recovering at home. his fiance say is still in the hospital but the couple never . to get life from my fiance say is incredible . >> anchor: the couple started dating two years ago . it was on the third or fourth date she asked me if there was anything that she didn't know about me and i said do you think it was when you step anned a a spider and she told me she needed a kidney . >> reporter: her father was ready to donate a kidney but then died from cancer.
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the medical tests but he was worried, would they be compatible? i met with one of the doctors who told me that we were by luckily a perfect match and later that week i went out and bought the ring because as a scientist, what more confirmation can i have than actual data, right? >> anchor: a near perfect match that's relatively rare. the surgery was one week ago . every day . >> reporter: the could you especially el is recovering well . what are we going to do for valentine's day? . . >> reporter: the happy couple is planning their wedding for ought of this year. we have much more of that story great story . story. . >> anchor: everyone, thank you for joining us. much more news to come.
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>> anchor: breaking news, a flying manhole kills a woman on the expressway. crews condugging a emergency inspections now to prevent another tragedy . >> anchor: here comes an arctic assault. record cold by sunday morning. >> anchor: developing tonight, a man shot and killed by police in dorchester. forced to fire . >> anchor: then a run away van plane. tonight, we're hearing from passengers . >> anchor: the f.b.i. now joining the investigation into a violent attack in ohio. an with a machete shot after targeting customers in a busy restaurant . >> anchor: plus, faith take centering stage in the race for the white house as the candidates campaign in south carolina. . >> anchor: tonight a 5:00 we're following breaking news. department of transportation crews now inspecting manholes on all city highways and it come after a horrifying accident on the expressway. a woman killed about a manhole cover that flew into her car. we have the latest on the
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the bittercold that is moving into the area. dangerous drop in temperature in store for the weekend. life-threatening wind chills are predicted. so we have a little preview of that cold today but it's going to be completely different. much colder this weekend . >> anchor: we may make records because of all of us. the very latest on the temperatures this weekend . >> anchor: right now 22 in boston of beverly at 22. worcester 18. bit of a breeze so the wind chill single numbers and teens but again this is nothing compared to what's coming at us for tomorrow afternoon as well as tomorrow night and sunday morning. this kind of wind chill that we have out there this evening, you can handle it. you have been through this before but the stuff that's on the way this happens once every five or ten years so arctic front will come blasting into southern new england during tomorrow, probably between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and here is what's behind that arctic front. sudbury, canada two below, thunder bay two below. now as the arctic front is coming through tomorrow morning


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